23 April 2014

This week happenings

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday! 

Our weekend was spent painting the stairs and walls going to the basement. And as always, one thing led to another, moving and cleaning. 
Could not believe I painted it pink!? Seriously, I have never been a pink fan, lately, I am liking pink a lot?????????
  It's a very pretty pale, soft pink, the color is called Angel Food. I wanted to brighten this up and I'm going to put a runner on the steps. The floor at the bottom of the steps is just concrete, painting it made it look much cleaner and feel much cleaner. Hopefully it will be easier to keep clean. Actually, it looks better irl.

This is at the top landing, where I have moved the medical station to, where I keep all the supplies to take care of D. 
I still need to hang the pictures back up on the wall to the right. 

My collection of cookbooks were on the landing, I have moved them into the kitchen. One day, when I have more time and energy than I know what to do with, I will take down the wallpaper that was here when we moved in about eight years ago. And I have hopes of putting down a new floor sometime soon.

I moved an old metal saw stand in from the garage and put an old wood table top (that I have not been able to get rid of) on top of it, and covered it with a couple of old wood dough boards I brought back from Germany. Gave me a little more workspace, which I desperately need.

And, in making all the changes around the house, I managed to make our little Ada a couple pair of leg warmers. She likes wearing them for her ballet class, and she is starting ice skating classes soon, so she thinks she will need some. :) Love making things for my kiddos.


Wishing everyone a blessed remainder of the week.

15 April 2014

A Piece of Cake

I found a recipe last week on Pinterest last week that caught my attention, anything with "ginger" gets my attention. I use ginger in anything that I can put ginger in, the real stuff, not the powder too often.


This cake is simple, and it doesn't take a lot of ingredients, and is packed with carrots, not too sweet, but very good. The only thing I will change next time is, I will definitely add more fresh minced ginger. I did use the powder amount the recipe called for, but added a little more minced, fresh ginger. I could have been more generous with the minced ginger. Not sure how old my powder ginger is, hardly ever use it, it may have been a bit flat. I did not want the ginger to be overpowering, but it could have used more. Then again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE ginger.


You can find the recipe here: http://www.giverecipe.com/fluffy-ginger-carrot-cake.html

We did a good deed yesterday, rescued a little bird that had fallen into the fireplace, (fortunately, no fire in there,) not sure how long it had been there, but he/she was still very healthy and ready to get back to it's natural surroundings.


14 April 2014

Picking Up Threads

This past week I picked up my cross stitch supplies and started stitching a picture or pillow for my two favorite little girls. It's been many years since I have cross stitched anything. I had forgotten how time consuming it was, and, how tiny those little squares are, (or, maybe they are smaller than they used to be). Doubtful. I'm pretty sure it is my eye sight that is not 20/20 like it was back then.

photo: spbm

Looking forward to getting one of these done. Always like seeing end results.

Had a great, warm weekend. Winter is not giving it up easily, they're saying snow in the morning. Even though I know it won't amount to anything, still looking forward to warm weather coming to hang out for a longer while.

Hope everyone out there will have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

No feeling is final. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

08 March 2014

Just Like Christmas

 photo by spbm
Awesome gift from my friend, Nancy. Kaffe Fasset is one of our favorite artist / designers, and we used to spend hours looking at his books and talking about his wonderful talent.

Nancy works magic on the sewing machine, and she taught me so much when I started sewing... So thankful for her. We had so much fun while living in Germany. How I wish we were still there, enjoying all the beauty of Europe.

photo by spbm

And I got two boxes of fun stuff and treats from my daughter yesterday. She is always finding things that we enjoyed in Europe, like these little cookies. A cafe in downtown Darmstadt, Germany would serve a couple of these delicious little biscotti-like cookies with the delicious cup of coffee. We will not discuss how many I have already eaten, as I am sure it is a sinful number. She sent so many other things that just make you want to get your arms around your daughters neck and give her one huge hug...and not let go. She's amazing!

I'm really hoping winter is a distant memory and spring is around the bend. The need for the color green, warm air, and sunshine is at an alarming level. It has not been as severe in KC as in other parts of the country, very thankful we did not experience any more than we did.

David had foot surgery, and one of our worst storms happened after he got home and we were not able to get back to the doctor for over a week. I was a bit stressed about that, considering how fast things can go bad. They took the bone and joint out of one toe, put in a pin and hinge to try to straighten the toe, hoping this will allow the toe to finally heal after four years. I have high hopes that I will eventually not be treating his feet every night, which has had to be done every single night, except for when he was hospitalized. It's not the doing it that I mind, it's the dreading all day as to whether they will be OK when I unwrap them. It would be so wonderful to not have to worry so much about them. I do try very hard to not worry, but it so very hard. Doing meditation and listening to a lot of positive tapes has helped.

Trying to find inspiration for spring. I'd like to redo some of the house, not sure I'll get much done. Not having anyone to help me move stuff makes it a little difficult to rearrange.

Posting a few images of what I find inspiring at this time.
Source: Fine Little Day
I'm loving the little houses. Would so love to have rooms this big and open. (Hoping the Universe hears my plea.)
Source: kudzuantiques
This is just such a great and artistic wall sculpture.
Source: Graham & Brown
How cool is this!? I could make-believe I am space traveling any time.
Loving the tile back-splash.

Have a beautiful and lovely weekend!

01 March 2014

Ah, what if?

Little Portia, trying to stay warm. We're both wondering when spring will come to visit. She loves her coat.

Made these peanut butter cookies yesterday, they are great - soft and chewy. I'm thinking they would be great for ice cream sandwiches. I skimped on the flour, so they deflated quite a bit after taking them out of the oven. You can find the recipe here: Eat Live Run
They are fantastic on a cold winter day with a cup of coffee.

16 February 2014

Wonderful Weekend & Wall of Faces

It's been a wonderful, productive weekend. Finally started working on my upstairs landing, papering the walls with faces. I have one wall left and it will be finished. I'm loving it. Going to show a couple of pics, they are not great pics, will take some with my camera after the project is finished. Kinda hard to get some good ones, it's a small area, but I'll try.

                     photos by spbm

I want to complete some of my projects that I have had in mind for some time before it warms up and the outdoor projects will be demanding my attention.

    photo spbm

Of course a cold day calls for homemade soup and Navajo fry bread.

                             photo spbm

And a little Bohemian Love.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, healthy, and prosperous week ahead.

09 February 2014

Snow snow go away...

Looking forward to warmer weather and walking weather, lots of snow right now. It's fine, just will not drive with snow and ice on the roads. It's a healthy choice for all concerned. :)

So, here I sit at the computer procrastinating about walking to the store.
photo by spbm

Yesterday morning I put a pork roast in the crock pot, it turned out delicious. So tender, it literally fell apart. Going to share this because...if you like easy, this is about as easy as it gets. My daughter had made this and was telling me about it. Recipe is from Skinnytaste Blog.

photo by spbm

I really enjoy her recipes, they work well for diabetics.

Will make bbq sandwiches with leftovers for dinner tonight. Easy peasy.

photo by spbm

Made the bbq sandwiches with coleslaw on homemade buns. YUMMY!
photo by spbm

Positive thought for this Sunday...
Photo via Abby's Healing Health FB page.